Chris Christie Issues Scathing Remarks On US Antisemitism

Former governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, a Republican running for president, said recently that antisemitism in America has always existed and is not on the increase.

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Christie addressed the antisemitism circulated on TikTok and by US university academics following the terrorist assault on Israel by Hamas on October 7.

He said that when it comes to denouncing antisemitism in the United States, he believes the president should take a tougher stance than he has so far. What is being conveyed here is a very heinous kind of hatred. And we must denounce it loud and clear, no matter who does it. This cannot be tolerated. Christie said that, in his view, President Biden has been too weak.

In his first visit to Israel as a presidential candidate since the war started, Chris Christie urged the Israeli and American governments to negotiate the safe return of captives.

Conflicts have persisted since Hamas terrorists invaded Israel on October 7th, killing 1,200 and abducting 240 more.

Reports show that a representative from Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Monday that Israel and Hamas had come to an agreement to prolong the Gaza Strip truce for another two days.
Although it is very improbable, Qatar’s foreign ministry has voiced the hope that this truce would result in a lasting end to the fighting in Gaza.

As a result of the ceasefire, 117 Palestinian prisoners held on terrorist charges have been released, while 39 Israeli children and women who were abducted have been freed. On Monday, the release of nine kids and two moms is anticipated. On Tuesday morning, the ceasefire was slated to end.

According to Hamas, the two-day increase is through the same terms. This comes after Qatar declared its accord, and Israel had already promised to prolong the cease-fire daily for every ten captives freed.

A newborn is among more than a dozen kids held captive by Hamas.