Biden’s Depressive Mood Over Hunter’s Legal Troubles Revealed

On Sunday, the New York Times claimed President Joe Biden “plunged into frustration and sadness” after a plea bargain between his son, Hunter Biden, and the Justice Department fell apart.

Following the breakdown of the agreement, the Times reports that “discussions between father and son are tinged with a resignation that was not there before.” This comes from more than a dozen individuals close to the Biden family.

As a result of controversy over the parameters of the plea bargain, the Justice Department and Hunter Biden’s attorneys could not reach an agreement. A proposed plea agreement that would have granted Biden extensive legal protection was rejected by the court in the case. According to Special Counsel David Weiss, a criminal trial is now possible in the Biden case.

As reported by the Times, the president was reportedly “stunned” by the prospect.

Yet, Biden has said numerous times, disingenuously, that no one is above the law.

The Times claims that Joe and Hunter Biden have an “ironclad” friendship. According to sources close to the Biden family, the president has allegedly been too submissive to his younger son, unable to tell him no despite Hunter’s troubles and his lengthy path of poor choices.

The president’s “apparent inability to say no when Hunter attempted to drag him into his commercial operations” has been criticized by some of his supporters, the Times said.

However, as more and more details emerge regarding Joe Biden’s ties to Hunter Biden’s financial transactions, other Democrats are beginning to hunker down.

House Oversight Committee ranking member Jamie Raskin (D., Md.) laughed off Republicans’ inquiry into allegations that President Biden’s Justice Department impeded its investigation against Hunter Biden.

In a statement released Monday, Raskin described the investigation as an “overwhelming failure” and a “wild goose chase.”

According to statements made by Special Counsel Weiss this month, the government will seek a grand jury indictment of Hunter Biden by September 29.