Biden Seeks Help From Obama, Clinton During Campaign

As the country and critical states remain Donald Trump’s to lose, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign scrambles to correct some campaign difficulties.

Rising costs and interest rates, together with the most significant surge of illegal immigration in U.S. history, have the White House in a state of complete panic. The Democratic Party has a strategy– Trot out Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

To save Biden from himself, they are reportedly emerging from “active retirement.”

On Friday, Barack Obama spoke with Joe Biden, his former vice president, for several hours in the White House family dining room. Obama has recently told allies that he thinks Biden’s rematch with Trump in November would be closely contested and that the 2024 race is a time for “all-hands-on-deck” efforts.

Biden and Obama communicate frequently, and Obama maintains personal relationships with some high-ranking White House personnel, such as Biden’s chief of staff, Jeff Zients, an Obama appointee. Obama is anticipated to further his involvement with the Biden campaign as the general election heats up. According to officials, he has already committed to making many campaign appearances before November, all to reestablish Biden’s winning coalition from 2020.

On Thursday, at a fundraiser in Manhattan that included Biden, Obama, and Clinton, the former president gave Biden his most significant endorsement of his reelection campaign. The three presidents then had an unprecedented chat with Stephen Colbert as moderator. This event highlighted a watershed moment in American history: a sitting president is engaged in a fierce struggle to prevent his predecessor from retaking the presidency.

So far this season, the campaign’s grassroots fundraising efforts, including the former president’s, have raised over $15 million. However, according to Obama’s campaign advisors, Biden’s candidacy is vulnerable among young Americans, especially Black and Latino voters.

Biden will take the advice of his old boss and begin focusing on fundraising appeals and inspiring this demographic during the next seven months.