Biden Is Pushing To Block Out The Sun In Scientific Experiment

According to reports, the Biden administration supports research into reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface.

They are on board with the idea of blocking the sun. You read that right.

According to the story, the White House sent a report to Congress late on Friday night that indicated that the Biden White House is pushing for the study on the possibility that shading Earth from sunlight will cool us down.

The White House report stated that Solar Radiation Management (SRM) presents the possibility of significantly cooling down Earth after a few years, adding that a research program into the societal and scientific impact of blocking the sun would allow better decisions about the risks and benefits of such an endeavor.

They would, of course, do this in conjunction with limiting greenhouse gasses.

White House officials said that while they have no immediate plans to fund a study of the concept, they believe it might be conducted with “appropriate international cooperation.”

Also included in the study is the EU’s willingness to explore research into methods of shading the Earth from the Sun.

In a joint communication on Wednesday, the European Parliament and European Council said they would support international efforts to conduct a comprehensive risk and uncertainty assessment of climate interventions such as solar radiation modification and encourage discussions on a potential international framework for its governance, including research-related aspects.

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are strong proponents of this concept.

If the warming is so dire that ideas that sound like a bad sci-fi movie are in order, why do the proponents of such ideas continue to flit around on their private jets, yachts, and cars while owning five houses?

Why did Obama buy a mansion on Martha’s Vineyard if the seas were rising?