Biden Admin Exposed For Claiming Facts Without Evidence

As the calendar year of 2023 moves quickly to a close, the 2024 election cycle Is most likely far removed from the priorities and the thoughts of a majority of Americans. Ultimately, things in America remain poor and the fiscal, social, and cultural climate within the country continues to deteriorate. Regardless, news outlets that sway to the left of the political spectrum are focused on promoting the upcoming election and furthering the Democrat narrative as Biden is disapproved of by a majority of citizens in recent polls.

Earlier in 2023, Robert F. Kennedy had attempted to primary Biden within the Democratic party. Unfortunately for him, the voting base of the Democratic party has become staunchly progressive, affluent, and radical. In truth, the party is simply the big tent of people who hate America, want a huge government to have total control, and favor increased federal authority at the expense of the liberties of individual states and citizens. He was thus disliked. Kennedy has since stated he intends to run as an independent candidate.

Despite this, Biden remains vulnerable, and his administration has apparently recently been caught narrating and promoting “facts” that are unsupported by evidence. As progressives and Democrats at large continue to promote LGBTQ “rights”, (and even advocate for the federal government to allow these individuals to serve in the military while paying for transition surgery), it appears they are so eager to create a narrative that Americans “oppress” and discriminate against these individuals that they are willing to lie to create it. Biden recently directed his White House administration to commemorate the “Transgender Day of Remembrance”. The White House claimed that there is an “epidemic” of violence in America against trans people and claimed 26 people were killed for being transgender this year. The statement failed to give context to these deaths, as several were killed by lovers or because they themselves were committing violence against other people.