Americans Support What Donald Trump’s SCOTUS Did About Roe V. Wade

According to a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports, the majority of Americans support the decision by the United States Supreme Court to remove the constitutional protections granted in Roe v. Wade in 1973.

The poll shows that 0ne year after the ruling, fifty-two percent of US people still support the Supreme Court’s decision. thirty-seven percent “strongly agree,” and another fifteen percent “somewhat agree.” Seventy-two percent of Republicans support the choice. Moreover, 34 percent of Democrats are in favor of it.

In contrast, 73 percent of Democrats disagree, with 57 percent “strongly disapproving.” This includes 44 percent of all US voters. Twenty-six percent of Republicans are opposed.

The poll also asked how significant abortion rights will be in the 2024 presidential election after Trump was able to end Roe v. Wade and put the Pro-Life cause in a strong negotiating position. Both Democrats and Republicans thought abortion could be seen as a major issue in the next election.

The poll results showed that 88 percent of Democrats and 73 percent of Republicans rated this as “very or “somewhat important.”  Twenty-one percent of Americans said it was “not important.”

According to a report, former President Donald J. Trump claimed responsibility for the repeal of Roe v. Wade, acknowledging his involvement in appointing Supreme Court justices who played a crucial role in overturning the longstanding precedent that safeguarded abortion rights across the country.

The report showed that Trump, the front-runner for the 2024 Republican nomination, wrote on Truth Social that after 50 years of failure, he was finally able to kill Roe v. Wade.

Trump claimed that his actions had strengthened the Pro-Life movement’s bargaining power against advocates of abortion rights. He attributed the advancement of conservative-led bans to his efforts. 

Reports show that over a dozen states have implemented abortion restrictions since last Summer.