Tucker Carlson Releases First Statement After Firing

Ousted Tucker Carlson, the former host of his Fox News program, released a video on Wednesday night in which he made insinuating charges about the dishonesty of his former network.

Tucker made his remarks in a two-minute video that he shared on Twitter. 


In his rant, he said that the  United States had become a “one-party state,” with substantive debate on major topics having vanished.

The left, he continued, no longer relies on “persuasion” and must resort to “force” to achieve their goals.

Carlson never mentioned Fox News or his sudden departure from the network, but he did make the point that when truthful people speak out, they gain strength, while those who spread lies to silence them lose it.

SkyNews Australia, owned by Fox and part of Fox News, aired a scathing news editorial condemning Carlson. The SkyNews host claimed that Carlson was “sacked essentially for thinking that he was bigger than Fox News” and accused him of spreading false information. 

The show’s final broadcast was last Friday, and Carlson did not disclose why he believes he was suddenly fired as host of the highest-rated show in the history of television news.

In his Twitter video, Carlson said that one of the first things one realizes when you get outside all the chatter for a few days is how many nice people in this country care about the truth.

He also noted “how unbelievably stupid the majority of debates you see on television are.” 

Carlson went on to lament the absence of honest debate about divisive topics, including war, civil liberties, emerging science, demographic shifts, corporate power, and natural resources.

“When was the last time you heard a legitimate debate about any of those issues?” he wondered.

I simply cannot fathom the passage of so much time. In the United States, discussions of that nature are censored from the national news.

When Carlson was done, he said, “See you soon.”

Some media insiders believe that his contract with Fox prevents him from working for another media company and that non-disparagement clauses bind him. These precautions are the norm in this field.

You can see his statement HERE.