TSA Agents Left Injured After Physical Attack

Officials with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said that on April 25th, a female traveler assaulted and wounded three TSA personnel at a screening station at an Arizona airport.

According to a report, a 19-year-old female passenger allegedly assaulted TSA employees at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport security checkpoint just before 6 in the morning.

According to the news source, three agents were hurt in the event, and two required medical treatment.

According to local ABC News, the TSA issued a statement condemning the brazen physical attack on its workers without cause.

We appreciate our hardworking staff and the part they play in ensuring the safety of our customers every day. Three of our TSA personnel were hurt, and over 450 passengers were delayed because they had to be routed to a different checkpoint as a consequence of this individual’s conduct, the statement added.

The Phoenix Police Department arrested the 19-year-old female. According to reporting, the TSA has promised to take enforcement action against the passenger independently.

The TSA has warned that people who conduct physical aggression against its employees might face penalties of $14,000, the site said. However, the agency has not disclosed the nature of the injuries sustained by the agents.

According to local reporting, the two agents taken to the hospital have now been discharged.

At the same airport in 2019, authorities in Phoenix reported that a man attempted to speed past a security checkpoint, attacked cops, and injured five TSA workers.

According to TSA spokesperson Lorie Dankers, one TSA officer was sent to a hospital, and four were sent to urgent care facilities. All were sent home.

Dankers said the incident happened at a security checkpoint in Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport at roughly 9:45 in the morning.

Dankers reported that the man was eventually taken down by other Transportation Security Agents and the Phoenix Police Department.