Trump Unveils Plan To ‘Make America Pray Again’

God Bless the USA, a Bible priced at $59.99, is being promoted by President Trump with country artist Lee Greenwood. Despite Trump’s endorsement, the Bible is wholly non-partisan and unrelated to any political initiative. A photo of Trump with a massive grin and a Bible resting on his red-and-white striped club tie can be seen on

“Holy Bible” and “God Bless the USA” are embossed into the cover of the Bible beside a design based on the US flag.

Many people are wondering if the profits from this Bible will be going to Trump’s campaign war chest.

The website states that is apolitical and unaffiliated with any political effort.

A former Trump adviser and a lawyer with ties to the president set up CIC Ventures LLC in Palm Beach, Florida, in 2021. The company has been involved in Trump-related money-making schemes, including digital instruction cards and gold shoes.

Making money off of his brand and image is something Trump has never shied away from. Before stepping down as president, the former “Apprentice” host promoted Trump-branded furniture, vodka, neckties, and steaks.

Since leaving the White House, Donald Trump’s licensing of his brand has become more unorthodox. A collection of digital trading cards with the Trump logo and a fragrance priced at $99 are now available “for the movers, shakers, and history makers.”

Despite his many legal troubles, he defied them all last month by unveiling $399 “Never Surrender” shoes.

Earlier in the week, he announced that he’d sell the Bibles for $59.99.

While it is legal for a sitting president or presidential candidate to profit from their personal businesses, Noah Bookbinder of the non-profit watchdog organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) argues that Trump’s past business dealings raise ethical concerns.