Trump & RNC Raise $65 Million in March, Stumping Naysayers

The Biden campaign announced last weekend that it raised more than $90 million in March, outpacing the combined efforts of the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee which brought in nearly $66 million, CBS News reported.

The Trump campaign and the RNC announced on April 3 that they jointly raised $65.6 million in March and started April with $93.1 million in the bank.

While the March fundraising haul marked an improvement for the RNC and the Trump campaign compared to February, it was still far behind Biden and the DNC.

According to the Biden campaign, the president’s reelection campaign started April with $192 million cash on hand, which it claimed was the highest amount of any Democrat nominee in history.

Currently, the combined war chest of the Biden campaign and the DNC has a $100 million advantage over Trump and the RNC.

The Biden campaign said in a press release that the significant gap matched the costs Donald Trump has paid in legal fees since leaving the White House.

Biden campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez described the Trump campaign as a “cash-strapped operation” forced to funnel its limited funds “to pay off his various legal fees.”

The campaigns filing to the Federal Election Commission reporting March’s official fundraising numbers have yet to be submitted. However, based on the Biden campaign’s claims, the president’s March fundraising surpasses the amounts reported by past nominees during the same month. In March 2016, Hillary Clinton reported raising nearly $30 million while in March 2012, Barack Obama’s campaign raised $53 million.

The Trump campaign announced last Saturday that the Palm Beach fundraiser hosted by billionaire John Paulson on April 6 brought in $50.5 million, making it the largest single-event fundraiser on record.

The April 6 fundraising haul nearly doubled the $26 million the Biden campaign raised from its star-studded fundraiser in Manhattan in late March.