Trump Lays Out Policy Vision In Long-Form Video

The leading GOP candidate in the 2024 election for president and former President, Donald Trump, shared his comprehensive policy vision in an exclusive long-form video interview with Breitbart News. His vision focuses on what he plans to implement if he returns to the White House following next year’s election.

Currently, Trump is dominating the GOP primary and, in many instances, is either leading or tied with the incumbent Democrat President Joe Biden in general election polls. He expressed confidence and optimism that he could secure another term in office. “I think so. I hope so,” Trump responded when asked about his chances of winning the next election, emphasizing his belief that the country’s future depends on his victory. “I have people coming up to me — strong people, men, women, intelligent people — and they’re saying, if you don’t win, our country is finished. 

Trump also outlined his economic plans for his first day in office, promising to “create the greatest economy ever, in history.” He reflected on his previous term. We had the most outstanding economy in history. We’re going to do it again. Our jobs numbers, our employment numbers, we had the most excellent economy in the history of the world, frankly — and we’re going to do that again. But we’re going to be drilling for energy. We will be using what’s under our feet — Oil. Then we will start reducing taxes and paying off the National Debt.

He criticized what he termed “Bidenomics,” arguing that the low unemployment figures touted by the Biden administration are misleading due to the restructuring of the economy during Biden’s tenure. Trump insisted, “It’s a false number though because a lot of people aren’t working,” and further added that “real wages are way down” and “family income is way down.”

When questioned about Biden not adhering to the Monroe Doctrine, Trump asserted that he had abandoned America altogether.

Trump pointed out that the American foreign policy establishment’s fixation on Russia is detrimental to the United States, especially when considering more substantial threats like China. Regarding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which he identified as America’s primary adversary, Trump has issued a stern warning. 

He has threatened that if China does not withdraw from Cuba — where the CCP is currently constructing a spy base — within 48 hours of his return to office, he will impose the most significant tariffs China has ever experienced. 

However, Trump emphasized that China’s activities in Cuba are just one aspect of Beijing’s broader actions in the Western Hemisphere. He also noted China’s growing control over the Panama Canal, a critical shipping route linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.