Trump Drops Big Hint About Michael Flynn’s Future

In a recent address, former US President Donald Trump alluded to what may happen if he is elected by praising retired General Michael Flynn.

Last Friday, Trump addressed the Republican Lincoln-Reagan Dinner in Lee County, Florida.

According to a report, Trump made a reference to his former national security advisor Flynn throughout his address.

As he proceeded down the list of attendees, Trump referred to Flynn as a friend of his and a brave individual. Somebody that experienced hell and still handled it.

The crowd cheered when Trump spotted Flynn in the audience and told him to Keep in excellent health and be prepared.   

Twitter users were excited at the possibility of Flynn’s return to the capital.

General Flynn, who sued the  Department of Justice (DOJ) over its investigation of him in 2017 that led to his departure from the administration, delivered a speech in February in which he warned Americans that they are over an abyss deep enough to consume America.

He said he shared the genuine concern of many Americans that the next election, whether it’s stolen or won, might be the last straw that pushes the United States over the edge and makes it more like other parts of the globe.

In his lawsuit, Flynn charged the FBI’s justification for the Crossfire Hurricane investigation was partly based on the false dossier written by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence agent, and was politically motivated. 

According to reports, Flynn’s charges were proven accurate.

The  Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and Democratic National Committee (DNCC) funded the creation of that dossier in an attempt to discredit Trump as a Republican contender for president.

Trump laid out the critical distinctions between his supporters and opponents in Friday’s address.

Our Greatest Political Movement, the MAGA (Make America Great Again), has been fighting an epic battle against sinister groups for seven years. Trump said that this was their goal all along, to destroy our country.

With one voice, we defy the globalists, the Marxists, and the corrupt Democrat lawyers and politicians. They are corrupt, dangerous, and disastrous for our nation.