The White House Is Not Labeling China As A Threat

Reports show that despite repeated queries, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby again avoided labeling Russia and China “evil regimes” last week.

Several reporters from the White House Press Pool at Wednesday’s briefing asked Kirby why President Joe Biden hasn’t called Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping “evil,” considering their documented human rights atrocities.

Kirby remarked it was not how President Biden approached international relations.

Kirby told the press to look at the strategy for national security.  He stated that Biden has been straightforward in his statements about Russia and China during his time in office. He added that these statements reflect America’s stance on the behavior, conduct, and relationships with them. 

Reports show that during a recent town hall with CNN, former president Donald Trump was asked about the conflict in Ukraine, and he made similar points.

Trump won’t label Vladimir Putin a war criminal for his conduct in Ukraine, despite condemnation from the US and allies and the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Trump stated that making a deal to stop war would be more difficult if someone called him a war criminal. If he becomes a war criminal, he will fight harder than he currently does.

According to a report, the International Criminal Court announced a warrant for arrest against Putin several months ago for suspected war crimes. 

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa indicated his country’s ruling party would attempt to withdraw from the ICC.

After a discussion with Finnish President Sauli Niinisto in Johannesburg, Ramaphosa reportedly told reporters that the ANC has decided that it would be wise for South Africa to disassociate from the ICC.

According to the report, Ramaphosa did not directly blame Putin’s warrant for the attitude toward the ICC, but he did state that the ANC’s position was due to the ICC’s treatment of certain nations.