“The Office” Star Praises Tucker Carlson

Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute of The Office TV Show, agrees with one of Tucker Carlson’s statements after exiting “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and Fox News.

After leaving Fox News, Carlson posted a heartfelt video on his Twitter page commenting on Americans’ decency and looking to the future, which Wilson viewed as favorability. 

The heartfelt message delivered by Carlson usurped his show’s ratings and was viewed 78 million times. 

Carlson never addressed Fox News in the video while predicting the current orthodoxies won’t endure and that there aren’t many places left to find the truth.

One of Hollywood’s most vocal leftists, Rainn Wilson, feels America’s biggest threat could be angry white men with guns and is a staunch climate change activist. 

Rainn thinks mainstream media should pay more attention to topics like civil liberties, scientific advances, changes in demographics, corporate power, and conserving natural resources.

He asks when the last time was that any of those issues were the focus of mainstream media. He claims the media doesn’t want to have those debates.

Most polls show that if Rainn was in charge of programming and aired the stories, he considers important, the ratings would plummet to MSNBC primetime levels

Polls show Americans care about inflation, the border, corruption and transparency in government, countering terrorism, Cyber currency and cyber hacking, and energy costs. 

Thanks in part to Tucker Carlson, in 2022, Fox News has been the most-watched cable TV network for the seventh straight year.

Fox dominates daytime and prime-time cable news daily.

The Five at 5 pm EDT is tops with 3.256 million viewers.

Tucker Carlson Tonight at 8 pm EDT has 3.246 million viewers. 

Jesse Watters at 7 pm EDT has 2,781 million viewers. 

Sean Hannity 9 pm EDT 2.585 viewers

Ratings and talent are the reason for Carson’s numbers and for Don Lemon’s dismal CNN numbers. 

Perhaps Tucker and Rainn can find common ground and agree to do a show together.