Requested Guest Won’t Go On Tucker Carlson’s Show, Reveals Why

During a recent episode of his podcast, sports analyst and podcast host Stephen A. Smith disclosed the one Fox News show he will not participate in.

Smith specified that he appeared on numerous Fox News broadcasts and is friends with several show hosts.

The current episode of Smith’s Know Mercy Audacy/Cadence13 podcast featured Travis as a guest, and the conversation ranged widely, including issues such as the creation of OutKick, the replacement of Rush Limbaugh, cancel culture, and many others. Smith, a self-described social liberal, has made no secret of his affinity for Fox News or his friendship with Sean Hannity. Smith saw nothing unusual in having Travis, ESPN’s supposed number-one enemy, on his podcast.

In response to the shock caused by his interview with Clay Travis, Stephen A. Smith tried to demonstrate that he is open to conversing with virtually anyone.

Smith warned his listeners that more politically conservative guests were on the way if they were offended by his decision to let Travis on the show.

“I talk to everybody,” Smith declared. 

Although he disagrees with many people and many things they say, he doesn’t think that’s a reason to hate them, and he doesn’t want it to be a reason for them to hate him, either.

Smith had Sean Hannity on his program before inviting Travis, but Travis was a more unexpected choice than other conservative contenders. Even though Travis runs a conservative radio show, he has been attacked for creating a platform (OutKick) to criticize ESPN. 

While different perspectives can be beneficial, it’s debatable whether or not it would be wise to promote an interview with someone who actively works to harm your major employer. But Smith wanted to show that he would interview anyone for his podcast, which has nothing to do with ESPN.

With exceptions.

“I will not appear on Tucker Carlson’s show,” Smith declared.

Smith never explicitly stated that he wouldn’t have Carlson on his podcast. Interviewing someone and being interviewed are two very different experiences. Smith might be unwilling to let Carlson edit their interview for his Know Mercy podcast, but he might be eager to do it himself. 

Smith did, however, confess that he would rather interview the KKK than Tucker Carlson.