Muslims Issue Warning To Hindu Children, Claiming They Won’t “Survive Long”

Hindu pupils in the UK have had Muslim classmates threaten them they won’t “survive long” if they don’t convert to Islam.

Hindu youth with severe harassment and bullied if they do not convert to Islam, as documented by research by an Anglo-American think tank.

Similar to the threats that triggered previous sectarian conflicts between Hindus and Muslims in the UK, some Islamic radicals are blamed for disseminating false charges of Hindus harassing Muslim females on the streets of Leicester. Unrest broke out nationwide in various cities after Islamists responded to such claims by organizing patrols of UK streets and aggressive protests outside Hindu temples.

Islamist radicals attended a protest in Leicester, where they joked about Hindus and their religion, particularly vegetarianism and deities.

Henry Jackson Society researchers discovered that their peers pressured young people to join Islam.

Hindu youngsters are routinely labeled “disbelievers” and “kaffir,” as well as other slurs, and one child was reportedly told, “that if they convert to Islam, their life will become so much easier.”

Other remarks included:

“You aren’t going to survive very long.” If you want to go to heaven, you must convert to Islam.”

“Hindus are at the bottom of the food chain, and we intend to eat you.”

It is noted in the research that some Hindu children face discrimination at the hands of Christian classmates; hence it is proposed that Religious Education programs be strengthened in UK schools to alleviate this problem.

It is debatable how effective such a solution would be, given that disputes between Hindu nationalists, Muslim traditionalists, and separatists are commonplace in modern India, further straining already tense relations between the two faiths. However, this is not always the case; in several ancient Asian countries, Muslims and Hindus coexist happily.

When news spread late last year that Hindu radicals had settled in Leicester, the city’s minority population erupted in violence for the first time in British history.