MTG Rages After 8 Republicans Kill Mayorkas Impeachment

In the time after the president of the United States Joe Biden became the resident in chief, he has governed during a period of unprecedented political chaos for the United States in every aspect of politics. Truly, Biden has governed in a very questionable manner in many circumstances, and has often appeared weak, feckless, and lost on the world stage. Early in his term, Biden reversed President Trumps ability to make America energy independent, and severely hindered the domestic oil production industry. Biden pathetically ended the construction of the Keystone pipeline even though it was already being completed which would have connected Canadian oil sources to American oil refineries. Gas prices have skyrocketed, and America’s strategic oil reserves have been severely drained. At the same time, instead of reversing his policies and moving to spur domestic production, Biden has doubled down on his radical “green energy” agenda and sought foreign assistance. He lifted sanctions on the socialist nation Venezuela and began importing oil from that nation, and also has negotiated with Iran. Biden has enabled America’s enemies at the expense of his own nation.

Internationally, Biden has appeared weak in every regard. After demonizing Donald Trump and calling him a Russian sympathizer, Biden removed sanctions placed on that country by Trump and allowed Putin to drill for oil in the North Atlantic. Following this, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Most glaringly, Biden has allowed a massive surge of illegal migration to occur at the American southern border with Mexico. Over 5 million illegal migrants have entered the nation since the commencement of his term, and Biden and his administration have been unable or unwilling to address the problem. The secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas has come under fire from Republicans and was attempted to be impeached. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia had introduced a resolution, but 8 Republicans killed the motion, ending the proceedings and betraying the interests of their constituents.