Mothers Plead For Lives Of Youngest Hamas Hostages

Karina Ariev, Naama Levy, Liri Albag, Daniela Gilboa, and Agam Berger’s families have pleaded with negotiators to return their daughters to their homeland. Time is running out to rescue the teenagers who have been kept captive in Gaza for more than 150 days.

To have them and dozens of other captives released in exchange for Palestinian inmates, diplomats are negotiating a ceasefire accord in the days leading up to Sunday, Ramadan.

Hamas has rejected Israel’s offer and sent back their updated demands as discussions in Cairo come to a close today.

The mothers of the hostages sat on their daughters’ vacant mattresses. Their daughters have been abducted, and they are pleading with everyone to help return them home.

In January, a riveting article appeared in the media, showcasing the frightened expressions on the faces of Daniela, Karina, Liri, and Agam, just hours following their abduction from Nahal Oz, close to the Gaza border.

Daniela’s siblings, Amit, Michal, and Omri, reportedly wait outside her chamber constantly to “feel her” and check on her. Banker Mrs. Gilboa of Petah Tikva, close to Tel Aviv, expressed her desire to meet her daughter here while holding a photograph of her.

Ira, Karina’s mom, sat on her daughter’s day bed, holding Karina’s reversible octopus toy, which features a sad face on one side and a smiling one on the other. When she gets home, she wishes the octopus will smile once more.

A representation of the savagery of Hamas’ assault last month is 10-month-old Liri Bibas, who was a prisoner for roughly one-fifth of her life. On October 7, along with approximately 240 others, she was forcibly removed from her house in a kibbutz in the southern region of Israel by Palestinian militants, who then led them to Gaza. The baby boy with red hair and no teeth has not been released by Hamas, even though the group has released teenagers, women, and children as part of a temporary ceasefire, according to his family.

Israelis are now demanding the immediate release of all hostages, with the plight of 4-year-old Kfir Bibas and his brother Ariel serving as a rallying cry. Supporters of the Bibas family staged a demonstration in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. Video of Kfir and Ariel swaddling their mother, Shiri, in a blanket as gunmen yelled Arabic and encircled her surfaced shortly after the Hamas attack.

The infant was just crawling when he was kidnapped.