Mitch McConnell Asks Mitt Romney To Run For President Again

( McConnell is mistreating Republican voters. It must be a day ending with a Y.

The Senate Minority Leader plans to deliver what may be his biggest betrayal: ensuring that Willard Mitt Romney, the worst senator in the GOP, is re-elected to the Senate.

Romney is reportedly considering a second run. He claims that there is “frankly, no doubt in my mind that I will win again” and that “I’ve faced great odds.”

McConnell promises to use every means at his disposal to help Romney win. Utah voters are almost evenly divided on whether Romney should run again, but a Romney reelection is important to McConnell to show the party’s appeal extends beyond Trump, even as the former president’s critics disappear from the congressional GOP.

By spending millions of dollars this year through his aligned super PAC to reelect Sen. Lisa Murkowski, McConnell has already shown he is willing to defend an anti-Trump Republican against an intraparty challenge (R-Alaska). In an interview, McConnell stated that he is “absolutely” ready to support Romney in a second run for the presidency.

McConnell said Romney had played a crucial role in the conference. People respect his intelligence and opinion of the times we are living in. Additionally, he believes that his candidacy for reelection would be crucial.

You read that correctly. McConnell wants to go all-in in blood-red Utah to avenge the 45th president despite spending millions to defend RINO Murkowski against real conservative Kelly Tshibaka.

Sean Reyes, the attorney general of Utah, is mentioned as a possible Romney rival. Reyes is a fervent conservative who backed Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Additionally, he opposed both Trump’s impeachments, unlike Romney.

However, if Romney loses the 2024 GOP primary, McConnell could be replaced by the new senator from Utah. Romney will naturally keep carrying McConnell’s water, just as he did with Biden’s.

Never forget how McConnell’s SuperPAC carpet-bombed Tshibaka while GOP candidates in swing states like Arizona’s Blake Masters and Don Bolduc drowned.

Additionally, McConnell left $40 million in the bank, a disgrace.

McConnell is not overly concerned with whether or not Republicans control the Senate. His desire to continue serving as Senate GOP leader is his top priority.

McConnell and Romney must step down as soon as possible for America. The GOP can then start creating a party that reflects the preferences of American voters.