Meuser Calls to Slash IRS Funding in Favor of Israel

Rep. Dan Meuser said that funding aid to Israel should take precedence over hiring more IRS agents. He defended the House Republicans’ plan to cut the IRS budget to provide Israel $14.3 billion in aid.

According to the Pennsylvania Republican speaking on “Wake Up America,” there is an immediate crisis requiring massive funding for Israel’s military assets. I strongly disagree with the proposed addition of Ukrainian funds, but it is ridiculous to try to make use of money for which there is no paper trail.

During an Oval Office address given in the days following the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel, President Joe Biden suggested a measure allocating $105 billion to humanitarian aid, aid to Ukraine, aid to Israel, aid to the Indo-Pacific area, and aid to Ukraine.

The House plan divides the money earmarked for Israel from the money the president wants to spend.

While he fully supports help to Ukraine, he believes the American taxpayer should be provided with a full accounting of every dollar spent. And, as Meuser has pointed out, there is an urgent issue in Israel.

Meuser said he supports what Speaker Mike Johnson is doing. By being transparent, he is showing his appreciation for the American people.

It is expected that the Democratic-controlled Senate will reject Johnson’s financial plan for Israel. Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky opposes splitting the aid bill. Meuser, on the other hand, thinks the Senate is wrong and that the public wants honesty.

He said this bill contains an additional $61 billion in funding should it be necessary. Ukraine has already received almost $110 billion from the U.S.. About 60% of the money donated to Ukraine by Americans has come from other EU and NATO countries with similar GDP to the United States. Meuser said Ukraine deserves American help, but it must be on par with that of U.S. allies. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be used.

Meuser maintains that the European Union and NATO should pay for aid itself, not the United States.

As for the State Department, Meuser has accused them of being unmotivated to solve the Israel problem.

He went on to say that the United States should be coordinating with Egypt to establish temporary refugee camps and escape lanes for Palestinian civilians so that Israel could destroy Hamas without harming them.