Illegal Migrant Charged With Assault Of Incapacitated Teen

An illegal alien has been accused of sexually attacking a defenseless 14-year-old girl, according to police.

On Monday,  media outlets reported that 23-year-old Pablo Mendoza was taken into custody in Enterprise, Alabama, on a first-degree rape complaint.

A report shows that Pablo Mendoza was taken into custody and charged with first-degree rape.

The 14-year-old girl assaulted by Mendoza was unable to provide her informed permission, according to a charge filed in the Coffee County court system.  The rape allegedly occurred on February 20th, as stated in the lawsuit.

Coffee County Sheriff Scott Byrd stated that Mendoza is here in the US illegally.  He was detained in the county prison without posting a bond.

Without naming the country, Byrd said Mendoza would be sent to his native country once the judicial process was complete.

Political leaders condemned the occurrence, which they connected to President Joe Biden’s lenient immigration policy since it followed previous crimes reportedly involving illegal immigrants, such as the gruesome murder of Laken Riley in Georgia.

House Republican leaders demanded testimony from an ICE officer on Monday, asking her about the “zero consequences” for illegal immigrants.

Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville accused Biden of providing cover for these evildoers in an X post.  Representative Wesley Hunt (R-TX) made a similar post on X, saying that Joe Biden was responsible for this tragedy.

Tuberville said in February, after the murder of Riley by an illegal immigrant, that Riley would not be the last victim to face harm because of illegal immigration due to the absence of border control under Biden.

The preventable nature of Laken Riley’s death makes it all the more tragic for young people in America. The Democrat majority in the Senate and the Democrats in charge of Washington, according to Senator Tuberville, are responsible for this atrocity. If the Democrats had protected the southern and northern borders, they might have put an end to this criminality.

Open borders are causing daily deaths of Americans, and the list of innocent people wounded by illegal immigration is vast. The continued problem of illegal immigration and the opening of borders will cause more deaths in the United States, according to Tuberville, who argues the Democrats should quit playing games and get down to business.