FL Trail Cam Catches Alleged Bigfoot

Bigfoot and its ilk have been similarly shrouded in mystery as that of the Mothman, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, and the Loch Ness Monster.

Many people find the study of the supernatural interesting, especially the debate over whether or not Sasquatch/Bigfoot exists.

Now there is fresh fodder to discuss. 

It’s healthy to be skeptical of the authenticity of the Florida Bigfoot, or “Skunk Ape,” video now making the rounds online. No concrete evidence of the creature’s existence has ever been found – just blurry pictures.

But as the late comedian Mitch Hedberg says, maybe it’s not bad quality photos. Bigfoot is blurry.

Rocky Mountain Sasquatch, a popular YouTube channel, recently posted a video with an image it claims was captured by a trail camera in Florida, revealing a gigantic monster hiding in the foliage.

For almost two centuries, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama residents have reported seeing ape-like creatures.

In 1818, a man-sized monkey was reported near Apalachicola, Florida. In 1929, a second report from the Florida Keys’ Perky Bat Tower was released.

This video is going viral and seems to be getting a lot of views despite being called by many as entirely implausible. The speculation is that it’s someone dressed as a gorilla.

Is it possible that a Bigfoot photo was taken by a haphazard trail camera?

There are around 10 million hunters in the United States. Many individuals claim to have seen Bigfoot, but no one has shot one. But that is because it may be a human in a suit.

It’s not a good idea to shoot at them.

After years of reports, lawmakers in Florida finally filed a measure to regulate the creatures in 1977. The legislation aimed to make it illegal to steal, possess, damage, or molest creatures with human characteristics. No vote was taken on the measure.