Elon Musk Demands “Prison For Life” For Doctors Who Mutilate Children

This week, the Post Millennial blog cited a 2016 medical report about an 18-year-old male who died when doctors attempted to surgically “transition” him into a woman.

According to the report, the male patient had been on puberty blockers from such an early age that there wasn’t enough penile material for surgeons to invert to form a vagina. To work around it, the surgeons tried to use a section of the patient’s bowel, causing his death.

Singer Zuby shared a link to the Post Millennial article on Twitter, describing transgender surgeries as “Frankenstein level stuff.”

In response, Twitter CEO Elon Musk said while consenting adults should be able to do what they want as long as they harm nobody else, the teenager in the 2016 incident “was too young” to give consent

Far-Left Twitter troll Brian Krassenstein objected to Musk’s reply, arguing that the 18-year-old was a “consenting adult.” He claimed that puberty blockers are “usually reversible” and “actually save lives.” He also claimed that research shows that providing hormone replacement and puberty blockers to children reduces the rate of depression and suicide.

Musk hit back, asking what “research” supports Krassenstein’s claim. He argued that all children go through an identity crisis during puberty and sterilizing them “for life” before they can consent “is wrong.”

In a second tweet, Musk shared a link to a study out of Sweden that found that those who surgically “transition” have an increased rate of suicide. The study also found that those who transition are more likely to need psychiatric inpatient care and a higher rate of attempted suicides.

Krassenstein disputed Musk’s tweet, posting a link to an article about a study that found the suicide rate for transgender teens falls by 73 percent.

This prompted the author of the article to chime in. She noted that this applied to boys who started taking puberty blockers very early, even as young as 10, long before the legal age of consent. She said for children starting puberty blockers that young, surgeons must use a section of the colon to form a vagina, which increases the risk to the patient.

Musk replied to her tweet saying that any parent or doctor who would subject a child to such treatment “should go to prison for life.”