Community Hero Exposed For Heinous Crimes

After celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, a married Irish fireman and father of two girls allegedly sexually assaulted a 28-year-old woman as she slept.

After an interview with police over the assault, 37-year-old Terrence Crosbie was apprehended when he attempted to leave the US. Crosbie had traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, in mid-March with his fellow members of the Dublin Fire Brigade.

After meeting at The Black Rose bar, the alleged victim and Crosbie’s friend reportedly went back to the man’s room at the Omni Parker House, where Crosbie was staying, according to the victim’s statement to the police.

Court filings show that the woman claimed to have had consensual intercourse with a friend of Crosbie’s while Crosbie was absent.  Crosbie allegedly entered the hotel room two hours later, as shown on security tape. According to her account to the authorities, she then ordered him to stop sexually abusing her, but he refused.

At Massachusetts General Hospital, the alleged victim informed authorities that a member of the Dublin crew had sexually attacked her at the Omni Parker House earlier that day.

Officials stated that Crosbie and his colleagues were supposed to fly back to Ireland on Tuesday but instead booked a ticket for Saturday after his interview with the police.  The charges against Crosbie include rape, and he is now being jailed on $100,000 bond. His passport has been confiscated, and he has been ordered not to leave Massachusetts.

Crosbie was notified that on April 16, a hearing on probable cause will be held in court.

The chief fire officer of the Dublin Fire Brigade has been informed that Boston Police has initiated a criminal investigation.  The fire department issued a statement stating that the fireman had been put on leave.

The Massachusetts hotline for domestic violence, SafeLink, is 877-785-2020. Trained advocates are available to answer calls and via TTY at 877-521-2601. Additionally, the helpline gives multilingual translations in over 140 languages.