Car Bizarrely Crashes Into 2nd Level Of Home

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A car crashed into the second floor of a Pennsylvania home on Sunday afternoon, leaving the driver injured, according to an announcement by officials on Monday.

Responding to the peculiar incident “within minutes,” the Junction Fire Company reported that the crash occurred at a home on Alfarta Road in Decatur Township.

Upon arrival, firefighters discovered that the driver’s side of the car was embedded into a room on the house’s second floor, as reported by FOX 43. Images of the scene revealed that the passenger’s side was resting on the roof, with the trunk and rear tires hanging off the house.

The exact cause of how the car ended up on the second floor was not initially disclosed by Junction Fire officials, but they later revealed that the driver had hit a culvert, possibly leading to a loss of control.

The injured driver was taken to Geisinger Lewistown for treatment, but their condition was not specified. With an approaching storm, rescue teams acted swiftly to cover the damaged part of the home, assisted by police and Parsons Towing. Junction Fire Company stated, The Rescues crew helped the homeowners by putting a tarp over the hole due to upcoming storms and made sure the home was stable.

It took responders around three hours to extract the vehicle from the building, FOX 43 further reported.

Apart from the driver, no other injuries were reported in the incident. The number of individuals inside the home during the crash remains unclear.

Lewistown State police are conducting an investigation concerning the event and have noted that it seems to have resulted from “the driver attempting to cause injury to himself due to a mental health episode.”

The spokesperson added that legal charges against the driver are expected to be filed.