Brazilian Leader Sounds Alarm On Unchecked Corruption

Brazilian President Lula da Silva’s crackdown on political dissenters is being brought to the attention of the American people by the son of former president Jair Bolsonaro, who is now touring the country.

Brazil is no longer a democracy, according to Eduardo Bolsonaro and the banished journalist Paulo Figueiredo, who spoke to Tucker Carlson less than two weeks ago. Both figures were present at a Capitol Hill news conference hosted by Republican Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey.

Deputy Bolsonaro, a member of the Chamber of Deputies, addressed the press, saying that he has consistently warned about the hazards of his country becoming a Venezuela or a Cuba with its detention camps.  His father is being slandered and harassed in every possible manner.  Under this kind of dictatorship, there’s no end to the absurdity.

After losing the election in October 2022 (50.9% to 49.1%), Jair Bolsonaro briefly sought refuge in the United States. Justice Alexandre de Moraes of the leftist Supreme Court dismissed Bolsonaro’s 33-page complaint challenging the results. He has never officially admitted defeat.

It is evident, according to Carlson, that his father was the victim of an electoral fraud involving the CIA.

After Eduardo informed Carlson that the left controls the Supreme Court, Carlson replied that it is impossible to know if the election is real when an electronic voting system is in place. 

According to Eduardo, many conservative Brazilians saw the race as a fraud. Numerous individuals had their financial and social networking accounts locked down, leading to thousands of protesters taking to the streets.

Paulo Figueiredo is the great-grandson of João Figueiredo, the leader of Brazil from 1979 to 1985. After Lula seized power, Figueiredo had his passport revoked, forcing him into exile in South Florida. At the news conference, he detailed how he and scores of other Brazilian journalists are facing persecution, including the freezing of their bank accounts at the behest of Supreme Court judge Alexandre de Moraes.

Brazil’s citizens criticized the 2022 election as fraudulent, leading to protests and a ban on Bolsonaro’s father, Eduardo, from running for office until 2030. Bolsonaro returned to Brazil in March 2023 to help conservatives win elections but was raided by federal authorities two months later.