Biden Gets Labeled “Wannabe Dictator” On Fox News

A Fox News chyron referred to President Biden as a “wannabe dictator” while showing a split screen that the President shared with Donald Trump. In full, the chyron said, “Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested.” It stayed on screen for around 15 seconds before disappearing. 

The message amplified President Trump’s claim that Joe Biden is orchestrating the criminal charges against him to scupper his chances at the ballot box as he runs for re-election to the Oval Office. 

Trump was arraigned in a Miami courthouse on June 13th, where he faced charges related to his handling of classified documents found at his home in Florida during an FBI raid last August. Similar records were found at offices previously occupied by Joe Biden months later, and another cache was located in the garage of his Delaware home. No charges have been brought against him. 

Biden has avoided answering questions on Trump’s legal battles. When the former President appeared in a Manhattan court to plead not guilty to falsifying documents, President Biden was questioned by reporters but remained silent. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Biden would not offer any view on Trump’s court appearances and would “focus on the American people.” 

The President has ordered Democrats to stay silent on the issue but has responded to the claim that he orchestrated Trump’s legal battles. “I have never once — not one single time — suggested to the Justice Department what they should do or not do, relative to bringing a charge or not bringing a charge,” he said. 

First Lady Jill Biden said she is shocked that so many Republicans continue to support Trump despite his ongoing legal woes. “They don’t care about the indictment,” she said. 

Fellow Republican candidates have also largely stayed quiet, although Mike Pence, Trump’s former Vice President, said he is not fit to re-enter the White House.