Biden Bleeding Voters Over Key Issue 

Recent polling shows that President Joe Biden is having a hard time convincing voters from a demographic he desperately needs that they should vote for him.

A recent poll from the New York Times/Siena College shows that voters who are considered to be in the working class and non-white are fleeing the Democrat’s side as he continues to push extremely liberal issues and a green energy agenda. 

This demographic is one that Biden counted on for huge support during the 2020 presidential election. That year, he carried the group, which is classified as not having a college degree, by a margin of 48 points over Republican Donald Trump.

Now, though, the Times/Siena College poll shows that Biden is garnering support from only 49% of this demographic, compared to 33% for Trump. That’s a margin of only 16 points – a hefty 32-point difference from where he finished in the 2020 presidential election.

This is a demographic that traditionally sides with Democrats, too. Back in 2012, when Biden was on President Barack Obama’s ticket as his vice president, the pair carried the group by a margin of 67 points.

One of the major reasons for this drop-off in support is due in part to liberals embracing Critical Race Theory, according to Ruy Teixeira, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. CRT claims that “systemic racism” is ingrained into all U.S. institutions.

In a recent op-ed, Teixeira also writes that non-white working class voters don’t like Biden’s policies regarding transgenderism and green energy, and they don’t like the fact that his administration has been soft on crime.

This isn’t just conjecture for Teixeira, either. He reviewed a huge survey that AEI conducted with the National Opinion Research Center, which showed that, with these particular major policy issues, this group of voters have a vastly different viewpoint than the rest of Democratic voters that Biden is playing to – those who are considered to be upper-middle-class, hold a college degree, and are either white or non-white.

The survey found that Democrats throughout Washington are adopting cultural and economic policies that are driven by liberals who are college educated, without much input from people outside of this group – if there’s any input at all.

One example from the survey showed that 61% of voters considered to be moderate and non-white working class believed that racism comes from people individually, and not from all of society. That compares to 82% of voters who are liberal, white and college educated, who believe racism is systemic in American society.

It isn’t just racism, either. Non-white working class voters don’t share nearly the same thinking as their other liberal counterparts on issues such as transgenderism, crime and, most notably, green energy.

As Teixeira wrote:

“That tells you a lot about who influences the Democratic Party today and who does not. … Democrats should think very carefully if they can afford an image and policy commitments that are so unattractive to so many non-white working-class voters.”