Biden Admin Lashes Out at Israel’s Proposed Al-Jazeera Ban

According to new legislation, the Israeli government might temporarily ban foreign news networks considered a danger to national security.

A bill approved by the Israeli Knesset 71-10 permits the imposition of temporary restrictions on foreign news sources considered a danger to national security. These restrictions may be extended for further periods. The statute is scheduled to sunset on July 31. U.S. and Israeli officials have voiced their disapproval of Al Jazeera’s reporting on the conflict between Israel and Hamas since the incident on October 7. State Secretary Antony Blinken has urged the Qatari government to rein down anti-Israel propaganda on Al Jazeera after the October assault.

Lawmakers in Israel have taken their claims about Al Jazeera’s links to Hamas to a new level. In October, the office of Israel’s Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi said that there was evidence suggesting that Al Jazeera was aiding the enemy, disseminating Hamas propaganda to viewers globally in Arabic and English, and even transmitting sensitive information to the enemy.

In February, Abu Omar was evacuated to Doha for medical treatment after being injured in an Israeli bombing near the Rafah border between Gaza and Egypt. After Abu Omar and freelance cameraman Ahmed Matar were wounded in the Israeli bombing, the Committee to Protect Journalists voiced their profound concern.

A crackdown on Al Jazeera’s activities in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories has been threatened by Israel, which has vowed to deploy emergency laws. In 2017, Israel made a public commitment to deport Al Jazeera journalists, close its headquarters, and stop the news outlet from airing any programs.

Israeli forces were allegedly responsible for the January assassinations of two Al Jazeera journalists in Gaza.

Israel Defense Forces have murdered 103 Palestinian journalists since Hamas attacked Israel, starting the conflict in Gaza, according to Reporters Without Borders.