Authorities Find Dead Bodies In Popular Tourist Location

On Monday, Mexican officials discovered four bodies outside a prominent Cancun hotel.

According to Mexican officials, three corpses were discovered in a lot next to the oceanfront hotel. A fourth corpse was subsequently identified in the vegetation in the same lot. 

According to a statement released by Mexican officials, two people have been detained for questioning in connection with the incident.

Benito Juarez’s public security chief, José Pablo Mathey Cruz, told the media that all victims were Mexicans involved in distributing or selling illegal drugs.

A tourist told reporters that when they heard gunfire, they ushered them into a back room and held them there until it was safe to emerge. Authorities had them stay on the beach with them until the area was safe. There were Navy officers, the police, and other authorities on the beach. The tourist remarked it was very uncomfortable.

According to CBS, an American tourist was shot last week in Quintana Roo, which is located south of Cancun. In the dead of night, one of the accused shot the traveler in the leg. CBS reports that the injury was not fatal and that the perpetrators’ motivation remains a mystery.

In October 2022, the United States issued a travel alert urging its nationals to take extraordinary safety precautions in Cancun and the rest of the state of Quintana Roo.

The alert warned that crime and violence might happen anywhere, even at tourist hotspots. There have been kidnappings of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico republished an October 2022 State Department travel alert advising Americans about the risks of taking a spring break trip to Mexico in March 2023.

Even in tourist hotspots, criminal activity, including violent crime, is possible in Mexico. Anyone on the road should always be alert of their surroundings, steer clear of hotspots for crime, and quickly leave any potentially volatile circumstances.

The warning was issued a week after 2 Americans were discovered dead in Mexico.