Tulsi Gabbard Directly Confronts George Santos On FOX

(FiveNation.com)- As House members repeatedly attempted to elect a new Speaker of the House on Tuesday evening, the news media present took a special interest in the newly elected Congressman from New York who is embroiled in a scandal over the growing mountain of lies he told during his 2022 congressional campaign.

Republican Congressman-elect George Santos’ campaign of lies was first exposed in a report in the New York Times on December 19. Since then, subsequent reporting from other outlets uncovered additional fabrications Santos made about his history and biography.

Santos, who defeated Democrat Robert Zimmerman in the November midterms, had falsely claimed to be a graduate of Baruch College who worked for Goldman Sachs and Citibank. He also claimed to be Jewish (he’s not) and that his mother died as a result of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center (she didn’t).

Last Monday, Santos admitted to the New York Post that he made stuff up. He told the Post he was “embarrassed” and “sorry for having embellished my resume.”

And on Tuesday, Santos appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with guest host Tulsi Gabbard who hammered the incoming congressman over his so-called “embellishments.”

During the interview, Gabbard told Santos that he “didn’t really seem to be taking this seriously.” She said his statements weren’t “embellishments” as he previously claimed but lies.

Gabbard asked Santos how his constituents could possibly believe anything he tells them once he becomes their representative in Congress.

A defensive Santos defended his resume, arguing that the topic is up for debate. But Gabbard cut in, asking Santos whether it was “debatable” or “just false.”

Rather than answer her question, Santos claimed that trying to discuss the ins and outs of the financial industry would “go way above the American people’s head.”

Gabbard responded with a stunned “wow,” accusing the fibbing Santos of “insulting” the “intelligence” of the American people.