Tucker Carlson Sees LA Conditions Firsthand In New Episode

O’Shea Jackson Sr., best known as Ice Cube, is a rapper and businessman. He and Tucker Carlson traveled South Central Los Angeles in a special edition of Carlson’s program titled “Stay in Your Lane.” Over 6.5 million people have seen the viral video thus far.

In the car, they discussed various topics, such as the COVID vaccination, exploitative activist groups, and unaccountable politicians, and looked back at the effects of decades of failed Democratic policies.

Carlson asked Ice Cube if he thought politicians in Los Angeles have done a good job running the city.

The rapper said it’s the same people running it the same way. The only individuals politicians care about are those who donate to their campaigns. Many politicians pursue covert goals. They have several favors to repay. 

When Jackson was asked whether he had ever “fallen for a politician,” he reflected on his prior disappointments. The victory of former President Barack Obama, he said, made him proud, “but then you look around, years go by, and not much changed for people I know, people I care about.”

Carlson played a montage video showing a rise in “race riots” and a worsening of racial relations under Obama.

In 2016, Gallup found that a minority of black respondents (39%) were optimistic about Obama’s ability to improve race relations.

But, as Jackson put it, nothing ever changed, no matter who the president was.

Carlson said that when George Floyd passed away, “we were told” to anticipate a “second civil rights movement.”

As the camera panned over abandoned buildings and makeshift tent cities, Carlson said, “If there was going to be liberation in the wake of the Floyd riots, this is where you would see the effects.” He was referring to the supposedly billions collected by corporate America for BLM and associated organizations.

According to reports, Black Lives Matter paid the baby daddy of BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors roughly five times as much as it did to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

The BLM group was accused of using donations to buy a $6 million mansion in southern California using cash in April 2022.

The rapper said he has “seen people I care about suffer every day, and it’s hard to watch,” adding that “suffering in silence is not always the answer.” You have to fill folks in on the situation from time to time.

“There is no penalty for lying. No one is ever punished for lying,” they both said. It’s only when you tell the truth that trouble finds you.