John Fetterman Photo Leads To Mountains Of Speculation

( On Friday, a picture of Democrat Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, who had been missing in action since his admission to Walter Reed Medical Center a month ago  started circulating online. 

Reports show that midway through February, Fetterman checked into Walter Reed for treatment of his depression. That was his second visit to the hospital that month. He had been admitted once before after complaining of dizziness. 

The second time he checked in, things took a far darker turn, and news quickly spread that he had been diagnosed with “clinical depression.” 

On Friday, Fetterman was finally discharged from the hospital after weeks with little information about his health and almost no images or videos of his recovery being made public. But, many people began to doubt the senator’s health after seeing a picture of him. 

According to a report, several people speculated that Senator Fetterman was replaced by a double after seeing two images of him taken at different times. 

After seeing the two photographs, Juanita Broaddrick remarked that she believed a DNA test was necessary because that’s not Fetterman. 

On Twitter, author Brigitte Gabriel wrote that she’s not one to promote conspiracies, but John Fetterman’s face does appear different. 

They replaced Fetterman,  Attorney Jason Roberge remarked on social media.  

Catturd2, a popular conservative Account on Twitter, joked that Fetterman had a whole head replacement. 

Many more have made the same case on other social media platforms.  

The picture of the senator in the hoodie that has led many to speculate about a body duplicate has one major flaw, however. The shot is from last year before he had any of his current health problems; the picture was not taken the day he was finally able to go home. 

A tweet dated May of 2022 by Fetterman’s wife reveals the lawmaker and his wife wearing identical clothing as in the contested picture. 

According to reports, despite Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman being recently hospitalized for depression, he cosponsored various measures and signed a statement to Norfolk Southern over the eastern Ohio trail derailment.