Hunter Biden Reportedly Didn’t Pay Taxes On 2014 Money

Gary Shapley, an IRS insider who blew the whistle along with another insider, has uncovered proof that Hunter Biden has been engaging in a tax evasion scheme to avoid paying taxes on millions of dollars in revenue since at least 2014. 

No other American facing similar accusations would have been offered the settlement he received. Agents from the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation discovered that Hunter Biden failed to report nearly $8 million in income between 2014 and 2019 on his federal tax filings. 

In 2014, the perpetrator failed to report earnings of almost $400,000 from Burisma Holdings, a problematic Ukrainian energy company. 

David Weiss, the U.S. attorney for Delaware, decided to drop the charges due to political pressure.

Hunter Biden has paid back between $2,000,000 and $3,000,000 in back taxes and penalties. 

After seeing substantial political meddling in the case, whistleblowers were inspired to expose Hunter Biden’s tax evasion scheme, Burisma. To Shapley’s astonishment, Congress revealed that the FBI had an FD-1023 form detailing charges that President Joe Biden may have been involved in a bribery operation using part of the money from Burisma. 

The years-long issue surrounding the Biden family’s international business transactions has been given a new dimension by the appearance of whistleblower Shapley, who has finally generated some media coverage and compelled Congress to increase the intensity of its inquiries. 

According to Ohio Republican Representative Jim Jordan, three House committees will collaborate to look into charges made by whistleblowers that the Justice Department took extraordinary measures to interfere with the criminal tax investigation of Hunter Biden. 

Shapley, a distinguished 14-year veteran of significant IRS cases, is credible and calls into severe doubt Garland’s preliminary evidence that Delaware prosecutor Weiss did not encounter obstruction and was free to press charges against Hunter Biden.