Dems Hit With Truth Bomb As Red Tsunami Grows

In a recent appearance on CNN, former Congressman Lee Zeldin highlighted President Trump’s remarkable victory in the Michigan primary. Despite facing competition from deep state plant Nikki Haley, who could only secure 28 percent of the primary vote even with her Democratic voter base, President Trump received more votes in Michigan than all the Democrat primary votes combined. Zeldin suggested that this significant achievement could lead to a “red wave” in the upcoming November elections.

President Trump finished the Michigan Primary with 756,766 votes.

However, it seems that CNN was not interested in acknowledging this truth and promptly cut Zeldin off, indicating a reluctance to discuss the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats. Zeldin pointed out that there is currently a substantial disparity in voter turnout, with Republican participation far surpassing that of their Democratic counterparts by approximately 26-27 percent.

While the final vote count from Wayne County was still pending during his interview, Zeldin emphasized that President Trump’s current numbers already exceeded the combined total of all Democratic Party primary voters. This strong performance, Zeldin argued, should undoubtedly encourage the President.

Unfortunately, the liberal panel on CNN quickly dismissed Zeldin’s points, ignoring his insights and moving on to other topics.

President Trump’s impressive performance in the Michigan primary underscores the enthusiasm gap between Republicans and Democrats. The significant difference in voter turnout between the two parties sends a clear message about the level of support and excitement surrounding President Trump’s candidacy. It indicates the widespread enthusiasm among Republicans while raising questions about the Democrats’ ability to galvanize their base.

The implications of this enthusiasm gap extend beyond the primary elections. With the November elections on the horizon, President Trump’s strong showing in Michigan suggests a potential shift in the traditionally blue states, forming what some may refer to as a “red wave.” The primary outcome is a powerful testament to the President’s appeal and ability to mobilize voters.

As the nation awaits the final results from Wayne County, it will be interesting to see how the numbers unfold. Nonetheless, the fact remains that President Trump’s performance in Michigan demonstrates his ability to attract a significant number of voters, surpassing the combined support of the Democratic candidates. This achievement undoubtedly bolsters his confidence and solidifies his position as a formidable contender in the upcoming election.