Celeb Slams Biden As ‘Uninspiring Candidate’

On a recent episode of ABC’s ‘This Week,’ radio personality Charlamagne tha God said that President Biden was a boring candidate who didn’t have any character.

Anchor Jon Karl asked if Charlamagne’s audience was interested in the race and if they cared about it.

Charlamagne said he felt that his audience was uninspired by the election. No one wants to see Biden and Trump fight again.  He explained that Biden was just a boring choice and nobody wanted to hear from him. He should let Kamala Harris represent him because she is more magnetic than him. He should rely on others to speak for him. He doesn’t have any energy at all.

A large portion of the Democrat Party is now considering the prospect of President Joe Biden running for reelection.

According to the findings of a survey that CBS News and YouGov carried out, more than one-third of Democrats are of the opinion that President Joe Biden ought to refrain from running.  The most significant concerns that they have are related to his age and the question of the possibility that he wouldn’t be able to serve a second term in office if he were to be elected.

Similarly, a survey conducted by the Associated Press and the National Opinion Research Center indicated that 73% of respondents (which includes 47% of Democrats) stated that he should not. Just 26% of those polled would want to see Biden run for office again in 2024.

In addition, a survey conducted by Monmouth University found that almost half of Democrats (44%) would rather President Biden opt out of running for re-election in 2024 and instead allow someone else to serve as the party’s preferred candidate.

As was to be anticipated, members of the establishment media justified Biden’s impoverished memory by asserting that the President’s health was fine and that any conjecture to the contrary was a right-wing conspiracy theory and ageist.