Business Owner Laments As City Melts Into Anarchy

In the heart of Washington, D.C., the owner of Menomale, a beloved pizza restaurant, is speaking out about the rising crime rates that have plagued the nation’s capital. Mariya Rusciano, the passionate entrepreneur behind Menomale, recently took to social media to express her frustration, claiming that the city has “fallen into anarchy.”

Rusciano’s poignant post marked the “official start of the holiday season, AKA, robbery season!” She revealed that her restaurant had been consistently targeted during this time of year for several years now. Unfortunately, Menomale was robbed just last week, adding to the list of incidents that have left Rusciano and fellow business owners anxious and disheartened.

Taking proactive measures, Rusciano emphasized that she kept minimal cash on the premises and discouraged cash payments. However, these precautions haven’t been enough to deter criminals who seem undeterred by the lack of financial gain. Rusciano’s nearby Italian deli, Salumeria, has also fallen victim to holiday season burglaries.

The rise in crime has profoundly impacted Rusciano and her peers. What was once considered abnormal has now become distressingly commonplace. Business owners’ anticipation and anxiety during the holiday season indicate a more significant issue that needs urgent attention.

Menomale has thrived in the Brookland neighborhood of D.C. for over a decade. However, the worsening crime problem has cast a dark shadow over the once-vibrant community. Rusciano estimates that her restaurant has been targeted in at least five break-ins over the past few years, while Salumeria has experienced three. Despite limited cash, burglars have stolen items like liquor and wine, impacting the businesses’ profitability and stability.

Rusciano firmly believes that the current state of affairs in the city is abnormal. She looks to the city’s leadership to take bold steps in addressing this pressing issue and assuring people that D.C. is safe and home to beautiful businesses worth visiting. The time for action is now.

Rusciano’s plea serves as a call to action as the holiday season approaches. The city’s leaders must recognize the situation’s urgency and prioritize its citizens and local businesses’ safety and well-being. By implementing effective strategies and initiatives, Washington, D.C., can reclaim its status as a vibrant, thriving community and restore the peace and security that its residents deserve.