Breitbart News Story Leads To Helicopter Being Seized

( Mexican authorities seized an unmarked helicopter that Breitbart believes they identified in a story on a politician with connections to the cartel, according to Breitbart. Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office (FGR) reportedly announced the seizure in the state of San Luis Potosi.

The helicopter is believed to be the same one used by Carlos Santiago Gonzalez, a cartel-connected president of the water district who was escaping arrest when the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office arrived in Ciudad Mante. The helicopter was found in Tamasopo, not far from Mante.

The FGR reports that an undercover investigation led them to a company chartering helicopters for sightseeing tours.

Authorities sought to arrest Gonzalez after a warrant was issued for a corrupt investigation. He allegedly funneled millions of dollars into gubernatorial campaigns for the Morena political party.

The Gulf Cartel then called government buildings, schools, and hospitals, threatening that explosives will be detonated. Mass evacuations ensued, resulting in the deaths of two patients.

The chaos might have created a distraction as an unmarked helicopter reportedly landed on a field called Irrigation Park so that the politician can board and flee to the border city of Matamoros. Video footage from Breitbart shows Gonzalez climbing into the helicopter which landed 30 yards away from the water district offices he heads.

The Matamoros faction of the Gulf Cartel reportedly forced and threatened former water board president Juan Francisco Leal Guerra to resign after only a year. Gonzales took over the position and was the target of an investigation from the Tamaulipas AG’s Office, which operates independently from governor Americo Villarreal.

Gonzalez is reported to have protection from the current Mexican administration.

After Breitbart Texas’ report, political figures in Mexico began to ask for an investigation into what the outlet describes as a government coverup.

Gonzalez is the son-in-law of Jorge Luis Chabrand Saenz, a businessman who is reportedly tied to the Matamoros.