Bizarre Home Invasion Mystery Solved After 17 Years

In 2006, a homeowner in Memphis, Tennessee, slashed off the tip of a home invader’s finger before the burglar ran away. Police could rapidly identify a suspect after running fingerprints off of a fingertip found at the site, but up until this point, the person responsible had evaded arrest.

Memphis police informed WMC-TV that on the morning of November 6, 2006, two armed males forced down the front door of a residence on Dothan Street, where eight people were asleep, and demanded money while shooting bullets.

Police informed the station that the homeowner was beaten with a pistol, lost consciousness, and then dragged into the front room and that the suspects demanded money and wallets.

According to authorities, the homeowner woke up, armed himself with a long saber-like blade, fought against one of the burglars, and severed the end of the intruder’s finger. The perpetrators shot additional people as they ran away.

After collecting the severed fingertip as evidence and doing a fingerprint scan, police informed WMC they determined the print belonged to Terence Stewart.

Stewart was already known to the authorities. According to WREG-TV, he was imprisoned for four months after pleading guilty to distributing crack in 2005.
He also served 2.5 years in jail for a crime that took place in 1996.

Police Sgt. Vince Higgins of the Memphis Police Department said that “the same guys we’ve been locking up for the past two, three, four, five years are getting out” after Stewart was listed as a suspect. Then they all go out and do it again.

Stewart managed to evade authorities until late last month.

A spokesman for the Memphis Police Department told Fox News Digital that Stewart, now 45 years old, was detained on July 27 after police found numerous outstanding warrants for his arrest at the site of an accident.
Stewart had been charged with one count of aggravated burglary and four charges of attempted aggravated robbery. On August 2nd, Stewart was freed from custody after posting a $200,000 bail.

He has a court date set on August 15.