Biden Awkwardly Walks Away from Football Players at White House

The photo ops with President Joe Biden may be ending soon if the most recent one is any indication.

The Air Force football team paid a visit to the White House. President Biden was supposed to present the team with the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy for their victories over the other service academies during the 2022-23 season and to accept some gifts from the cadets.

Biden presented the trophy to the team, who wanted to give him an Air Force football helmet, a ball signed by the team players, and a football jersey. Biden accepted the jersey emblazoned with his name and the number 46, turning to display the jersey to the gallery.

He then examined the ball and helmet and returned them to the respective cadets, but after several awkward moments and stares, the president seemed confused and walked away. The cadets were left dumbfounded, holding the helmet and autographed ball, not knowing what to do.

The gallery wasn’t sure what was happening either. Someone told the people standing to move and make way for the president as he headed to the exit. 

Twitter users were shocked at the president’s actions and wondered if there had been any kind of rehearsal prior to the presentation. Other Twitter users thought he might need the helmet, and others simply remarked how sad it was.

This performance is not the first instance of President Biden seeming confused about what to do or where to go after giving a speech. 

At a recent press conference, video footage revealed Biden had a cheat sheet with prearranged questions and the newsperson who would ask the questions prepared for him in advance. 

To their credit, the Air Force football team finished their season with a perfect 10-0 record. They beat the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Military Academy but also won the Armed Forces Bowl by defeating Baylor University. 

This is the 21st time the Air Force Falcons have won the prestigious 170-pound award, which was first won in 1972. The Navy Midshipmen have won 16 times, followed by the Army Knights with nine wins.