X Gov. Abbott Slams Biden Over Border Policies

(FiveNation.com)- Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) stated on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom” on Wednesday that the Biden administration is to blame for the influx of migrants causing a crisis at the US-Mexico border.

Abbott said you must look back and see how the Biden administration handled this situation. He said they handled and created the border crisis the same way they were responsible for creating the problem in Afghanistan: completely unprepared, a complete disaster, and Texas is left to pick up the pieces of the Biden administration’s disaster.

He added that if you go back in time, just two and a half years ago, the Trump administration imposed Title 42, the Remain in Mexico, the end of Catch and Release, and the construction of the wall. He said what the Trump administration did lead to the lowest border crossings in decades.

He said it wasn’t until Joe Biden took office and implemented his open border policies that Texas saw an all-time high in the number of people crossing the border illegally.

“In that very bill,” Abbott said of the current omnibus spending bill, “they give money to Tunisia but not to Texas to deal with their border security problem.”

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) of the United States believes that bipartisan legislation is the best way for Washington to address the southern border crisis. He said during his first few years in the United States Senate, the word bipartisan always followed the word immigration because “there was no partisan division on immigration.”

“The border would be secure today if that bill had passed nine years ago. A bipartisan bill passed the Senate in 2013, but nothing happened after that,” Casey said.

The decision of many major media outlets that what is happening on the border is not a big deal has been perhaps the most extraordinary part of the crisis. With the notable exception of a few, major television news networks, in particular, have essentially pretended that the crisis is a fabrication. This, in turn, leaves the public largely clueless about how bad the crisis is.

Many would be shocked to learn that the low estimate is 3 million border crossers annually.