World Leaders In Israel Are Now Connected To Jeffrey Epstein, Report Shows

( A non-profit founded by the brother of human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is related to a web of high-level Israeli government officials and globalist elites.
National File was one of the first to report on a non-profit oddly dubbed the Humpty Dumpty Institute in November 2021. The Humpty Dumpty Institute, or HDI, was founded by Mark Epstein, the brother of the late and renowned human trafficker of minors, Jeffrey Epstein.
Until now, HDI had largely managed to keep its operations out of the news, despite openly touting its public relationships with the United Nations, members of Congress, the United States Department of State, the Chinese Communist Party, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, and Epstein’s former madame; convicted felon Ghislaine Maxwell.
HDI primarily supports far-left, China-aligned Democrats in Congress. But as National File previously documented, links to the Epstein-run HDI have also put key former Trump administration officials on the defense.
National File’s reports came before that of others who just touched the surface of the HDI quagmire and its links to the Chinese military-linked Taihe Institute.
Surprisingly, the Taihe Institute claims to have “research facilities” functioning on US land.
Reports show HDI is related to uber-rich lefties like Ted Turn, George Soros, and the late David Rockefeller, in addition to tight ties to Democrat mega-donors and political operatives like David Brock.
HDI is likewise intimately associated with Israel’s highest echelons of government.
Michael W. Sonnenfeldt, a former chairman and co-founder of the Israel Policy Forum, co-founded the HDI in 1998. The Israel Policy Forum looks to be innocuous on the surface. They describe themselves as a non-profit organization that aims to support the Middle East peace process to bolster Israeli security and advance United States foreign policy interests.
Reports show that the organization is publicly devoted to preserving Israel’s future as Jewish. In Israel, the ADL has no problem with the open blending of the synagogue and the state. The objectives and positions of the Israel Policy Forum and the Anti-Defamation League frequently overlap. The two organizations even willingly exchange employees.
But the one thing the two groups have in common is a dislike of being labeled as unpatriotic to America.

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