World Leader Accused Of Quietly Targeting U.S. Partners

According to 19fortyfive, General Mazloum Abdi, the head of Syria’s Democratic Forces (Syria’s Democratic Forces), was almost murdered in a drone strike within Iraqi Kurdistan, and Turkey is suspected of being behind the attack. The attack almost killed three US military officers traveling in the same convoy as Abdi but missed him by a hair’s breadth. 

What would the United States do if an American soldier was killed?  

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s president, has open animosity against the SDF, a reliable ally of the US in the battle against ISIS. The vast majority of the SDF are Syrian Kurds.  

According to Erdogan, the SDF is a terrorist organization that stems directly from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a Turkish group that has been fighting for independence since the 1970s.

Washington, DC, has opted to disagree with Ankara on Turkey’s alliance with the SDF up to this point. President Biden’s administration has made an effort to handle Turkey by addressing Turkey’s security concerns. But the assassination attempt on General Abdi by Erdogan is an escalation of tensions. 

Even if Ankara and Washington are at odds over the support of the SDF, seeking to kill its commander and putting American soldiers in harm’s way should not be tolerated. Nearly a thousand American servicemen are now assisting SDF fighters as they continue to wipe out what’s left of ISIS. 

Turkey has also been accused of profiting from Russia and Ukraine in their war. It sold UAVs to Ukraine and weaponry to Wagner Group mercenaries. 

According to Middle Eastern media sources, Erdogan claimed that Britain was interested in collaborating with Turkey on submarine construction.

A report shows that in addition to Turkish Aerospace Industries, the United Kingdom’s BAE Systems is working closely on the development of aircraft stealth technology.

In May of last year, the United Kingdom removed all prohibitions on the shipment of defense items to Turkey.