Woman Whose Husband Died of Hot Tub Electrocution Reveals Final Words

This week, an American tourist’s family sued a resort in a Mexican beach town for wrongful death and negligence after their loved one was electrocuted in a hot tub. 

In a selfless and desperate effort to save her husband from certain death, the man’s wife plunged into the water and ended up electrocuted and hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. On Friday, the woman from El Paso, Texas, Lizette Zambrano, 35, filed a complaint against the resort owners located in the United States, asking for $1 million in damages. This came only days after she was helicoptered from the scene at the resort town of Puerto Peñasco, which is an hour south of the border.

Casago International, a vacation rental provider based in Arizona, and High Desert Travel, a travel agency, were named as defendants in the suit. Neither company commented when asked about the suit. They are being blamed for Jorge Guillen’s deaths and Lizette’s injuries due to the hot tub’s defective electrical wiring. According to the lawsuit, Jorge was subjected to an electrical current in the water the moment he stepped into the jacuzzi. Jorge was stunned to the point that he lost consciousness and plummeted into the jacuzzi, slipping under the water.

Lizette said the last thing she heard her husband say was, “Oh f***!”

By the time Jorge was pulled from the war, it was too late. Lizette learned of her husband’s death when she overheard two nurses discussing it at the hospital.

The resort management failed to prevent or warn visitors about the hot tub’s dangers. 

As Zambrano, her husband Jorge, and other relatives arrived at the Sonoran Sea Resort on Tuesday, the tragic events were already set in motion. To witness the sunset, Zambrano and Guillen decided to gaze at the ocean from the hot tub. The spa was a death trap with an electric current running through it, and they were the unlucky ones to step into it first.