Woman To Serve Time For Her Role In 2015 Murder

Authorities say a New Hampshire woman was involved in a 2015 murder case where the body of the victim was discovered burning alongside MBTA train tracks; on Monday, she was sentenced to jail time for her participation in that case.

Shannon Squires, 47, admitted guilt on one count of manslaughter and one count of abduction in connection with the death of New Jersey resident Ashley Bortner, 29. Judge William Sullivan handed down a sentence of 8–10 years in state prison with a concurrent 5-year probationary term to Squires.

Since November 2015, she has been incarcerated.

The Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office reports that shortly before midnight on November 3, 2015, Bridgewater Police were notified of a fire raging next to MBTA train lines. The responding cops discovered what seemed to be a burning corpse, which was subsequently proven to be Bortner.

After being shackled, her wrists and feet bound, and her body scorched over 70 percent of her body, detectives found Bortner gagged by her clothes. Her face was covered in a towel.

Squires was one of three individuals accused of murdering Bortner.

In June 2023, Fernando Owens was found guilty of her murder. The district attorney’s office said that 48-year-old Julian Squires is a co-defendant and is accused of his part in helping Owens murder Bortner and dispose of his remains. He has a life sentence ahead of him.

During a short phone interview on Monday night, Arthur J. Carter IV, representing Shannon Squires, said, “Justice is done for all parties in the incident.”
State Police learned that Owens was “known to Bortner and had the belief that she was somehow involved in the death of Owens’s son in Suffolk County,” according to the statement.

Prosecutors said the seizure of an electrical cable and a cotton towel from Owens’s residence proved his connection to the crime.