Woman Kills Two and Injures More in Chinese School Stabbing

A woman launched a violent attack on a Chinese elementary school, using a fruit knife to cause the tragic deaths of two individuals and inflict injuries on ten others in a horrifying stabbing incident.

The melee occurred during lunchtime at Wufang Mingde Elementary School in Guixi City, Jiangxi Province, southern China.

It has not yet been determined if children are among the victims.

The police have announced on social media that the female suspect has been apprehended and is now in custody.

Two lives were lost; six individuals reported minor scrapes, while four others sustained injuries that were not life-threatening.

It is unclear why the specific elementary school, which provides education to students in grades six through twelve in China, was specifically targeted.

The parents were distraught when they found out that their child’s school had been attacked. One parent said the adults were just as scared as the children. According to him, the instructors effectively managed the tragedy by promptly sharing pictures of the children in the parent group and reassuring them of their safety and the security of the premises.

This episode aligns with a concerning pattern observed in China over the past few months. Several civilians have been injured or killed in knife attacks, including one that took place at a hospital.

Earlier this month, a knifing occurred in a hospital in Yunnan, a region in southeastern China. Two lives were lost, and twenty-one individuals were injured.

Last August, a man with a troubled mental history carried out a violent knife attack in a residential neighborhood in Yunnan. Tragically, two people lost their lives, and seven others were injured.

In July of that year, a tragic incident took place at a kindergarten in Guangdong, a province in southeastern China, where six people, including three children, lost their lives in a mass stabbing.

Despite the strict regulations on firearms in China, there have been a significant number of knife attacks in educational institutions over the past decade, with a notable increase in recent years.