Woman Gives Birth in Hospital Parking Lot, Was Sent Home Earlier

After hospital staff sent a pregnant Arizona woman home, she gave birth in her minivan in the parking lot.

A baby girl was born to Scherazade Vedarte-Gonzalez in a vehicle outside the Banner Casa Grande Medical Center emergency department. Even though she had been to the hospital several times in the previous week due to her excruciating agony, the birth happened early on Monday morning, May 20th, shortly after the nurses had sent her home earlier in the evening.

Lucy Villanueva, Vedarte-Gonzalez’s mother, had to deliver her grandbaby at the door of the hospital.  She was an essential participant in the birth.

According to Villanueva, they went to the hospital on three occasions because Vedarte-Gonzalez was uncomfortable and worried about her pregnancy. Each time, they were reassured and sent away. They were in the hospital on that morning but were advised to leave at around 1 o’clock and that they should wait for Vedarte-Gonzalez’s planned induction on May 25.

The agony for Vedarte-Gonzalez only intensified upon their return home, prompting them to return to the hospital in a hurry.  Two hours after her release, at around 3 AM, they made a hasty return to the hospital. As they were on their way into the hospital, the delivery occurred suddenly and without warning.

Her daughter said she could feel the baby was moving and coming out and that they had to go. Villanueva said that by the time they reached the hospital and got to the door, the baby’s head was popping out.

Medical personnel seized control of the parking lot after Vedarte-Gonzalez’s delivery, and Villanueva immediately sought assistance from inside the hospital.

According to Villanueva, she gave birth to her grandchild directly in front of the emergency room door before anybody came to assist.

According to her, she was at a loss for what to do. She just placed the infant on top of her and bolted inside, yelling for help.

According to Villanueva, her daughter was hospitalized and stayed overnight.

Granddaughter Luzbella is doing well, according to Villanueva, and they just saw her pediatrician on Wednesday.