“Woke” Official Tells People To Stop Taking Showers

(FiveNation.com)- A leading Green Party official sparked outrage by suggesting that Germans use washcloths instead of showers and that they purchase pricey eco-heating systems that are out of reach for the average individual.

Baden-W├╝rttemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann made the remarks in reaction to the energy crisis, which would be aggravated this winter due to gas shortages caused by the Ukrainian conflict.

According to German media, Kretschmann claimed the washcloth was a helpful creation. He then boasted about his eco credentials, saying he had an electric car and a massive photovoltaic system on his roof.

The pellet heating system Kretschmann uses in his home can cost up to 21,000 Euros or more, which is entirely out of reach for many Germans who are already struggling to pay their energy bills.

According to reports, these devices are powered mainly by wood pellets from forests in the southeastern United States. Even though many scientists argue that these pellets are just as damaging as coal, they are shipped halfway around the world to people like Kretschmann.

The reaction to Kretschmann’s advice was likely not what the green politician expected, with the hashtag #Waschlappen (German for “washcloth”) trending on Twitter.

Gerhard Papke, president of the German-Hungarian Society, wondered what kind of individuals controlled Germany.
Reports show Germany may face blackouts and power grid failure this winter after citizens began panic buying electric heaters due to fears that the gas supply would be cut off.
Firewood and heating stove supplies are also running low. Germany’s cities plan to use sports arenas and exhibition halls as “warm-up zones” in the coming winter to assist citizens who cannot afford increasing energy expenses.
Germans have also been advised to take fewer showers, wear more layers of clothing, and avoid frequently washing and driving their cars.
Herbert Reul (CDU), the interior minister of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), shamelessly declared that Germans preparing to protest energy outages were “enemies of the state” and “extremists” seeking to destroy the government.
Others foresee rioting in response to energy shortages that will make the anti-lockdown protests look like a kids’ birthday party.