“Woke” CIA Director Reveals His Next Target…

(FiveNation.com)- If there is one thing the Obiden administration has learned from the Obama administration it’s that whoever controls the narrative in any war, imbroglio, scandal or news cycle, they seem to have the upper hand. The 2014 crisis taught them that one needs to push back more aggressively on Russian disinformation.

Russians are experts at fogging the war with messaging, but this time they are having trouble convincing the world that Putin is a victim and not the aggressor.

How has the Biden administration been able to claim that they, indeed, have the Russians by the short hairs? They believe they have a potent weapon in CIA director, William Burns.

Burns has been a career ambassador in Russia and is thought to be one of the leading experts in understanding the mind of Putin.

Biden enlisted him and sent him off to the Kremlin in November in order to warn them of the dangers of trying to encroach on Ukraine and its sovereignty.

They also got creative, releasing evidence of Russian false flag operations inside Ukraine, getting out in front of Putin’s plan to be a world martyr, justifying his invasion. This was a key element in winning the war of disinformation.

“In all the years I spent as a career diplomat, I saw too many instances in which we lost information wars with the Russians,” Burns recently told the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Burns was happy with his own work, saying that it was an effective disinformation disruption and it showed the world that Putin simply lies and creates false narratives in order to manipulate the narrative. Declassifying key information gathered by our intelligence agencies has angered and frustrated Putin. He describes Putin as “someone who has been stewing in a combustible combination of grievance and ambition for many years.”

Putin’s plans for resurrecting the Soviet Union seemed to have been stifled by his failure to get the rest of the world to agree that any easterly encroachment on Russia of NATO states is a global crisis. Especially when he is the guy with all the missiles, a smoldering anger, and ambitions that exceed what is feasible.

This has been credited to Burns.

The Hill reports that Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) said Burns had “shown extraordinary insight into Putin’s thinking,” while Rep. Val Demings (D-Fla.) thanked Burns “for just not letting us forget just who and what we are dealing with.”

Even as many casted doubts that Russia would attack Ukraine, Burns said to “never underestimate President Putin’s risk appetite on Ukraine.”

Before everyone gives high-fives, let’s see what else Burns has up his sleeve in order to stabilize the world, and deflate “Putin’s inflation.”

If Putin is contributing to rising gas prices, as the Biden administration claims, can we get some of the hot gas expended on praising Burns to run our cars?