Witness Responds To Seeing Death And Carnage After Airport Attack

(FiveNation.com)- After Thursday’s deadly bombings outside of the Kabul airport, Fox’s America’s Newsroom interviewed a witness to the carnage who told them that a young child died in his arms.

The man said he was making his way to the airport in order to get on a plane and leave when the explosion happened.

He saw a young girl, maybe five years old, whom he picked up to take to the hospital, but she died in his arms.

Watch the segement:

By Friday, the death toll from Thursday’s bombings exceeded one hundred and eighty – 13 US service members and at least 169 Afghan civilians.

Saturday, the US launched a retaliatory drone strike in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province on what the Pentagon claimed were ISIS-K “planners and facilitators” of Thursday’s bombing.

However, the Pentagon would not reveal the identities of those killed in the strike, and when pressed by reporters on whether or not the targets were directly involved in Thursday’s attacks, refused to say.

According to locals in the area, three people were killed – a man, a woman and a child – and several others were wounded.

On Sunday, after President Biden warned of another imminent attack on the airport, a second drone strike was carried out within the city of Kabul. US Central Command asserted that the strike killed ISIS-K terrorists and destroyed a vehicle purportedly packed with explosives.

However, reports on the ground put this assertion in doubt.

Reporters in Kabul learned that Sunday’s drone strike killed ten Afghans – all members of one family. And included among the dead was an Afghan interpreter, a former Afghan military official, as well as seven children as young as two.

The dead had been exiting a car in their driveway when the strike hit nearby. In response to the news, US CENTCOM reaffirmed that the strike successfully destroyed a vehicle driven by members of Islamic State who posed an “imminent” threat to the airport. CENTCOM acknowledged reports of civilian casualties and pledged to investigate, however it would not release any specifics.

One neighbor of the dead family angrily told reporters that Americans claim they killed “Daesh [ISIS] members,” then asked bitterly, “Were these children Daesh?”